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National Volunteers Week

11th May 2017

National Volunteers Week 8th-14th May 2017 acknowledges the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers, including those who we are proud to have as part of the Little Wings team.

We have a fantastic team of volunteers who generously donate their time in providing the Little Wings service to sick children and their families. Each volunteer, does so for their own  reasons, but they all agree that volunteering gives them great joy. GIve Happy, Live Happy.

Here are a few of our team and the reasons why they choose to volunteer.

Thanh volunteers because "I see that is my mission to contribute to this world as a human being. Helping unlucky families with sick kids through tough times makes me feel we are together building a better world."

Thanh Volunteer


Jeff volunteers because "I find it energising to commit my time and energy to a cause I care about. It is an excellent way to make new friends who are willing to dedicate some of their time or even their career to make the world a better place. I get a great feeling when doing something unselfish for someone else. This feeling can be addictive because sometimes you wish to do even more to make a difference!"

Jeff Volunteer

Adam volunteers because "Having a family of my own I know how important it is to spend time together. Volunteering for Little Wings allows me to use my passion for flying to keep family's together in difficult times"

Adam Volunter

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers. You each do an amazing job!


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